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Glass Balustrades

Glass balustrades are horizontal or vertical sheets of toughened plate glass that can be used either to enclose a balcony, terrace or a staircase.

Whether for domestic or commercial use, balustrades bring an unbeatable sense of drama, maximising light and views whilst allowing places to be saturated in daylight.

The use of glass creates an extraordinary radiance. In brilliant sunshine the effect is spectacular. The glass sheets can be enviably seamless or supported by stainless steel poles.

Balustrades will add a sense of lightness, lack of materiality and add a very modern touch, internally or externally, to either your home or your business.

Glass Balustrading
Based on a client’s design and specification Glass Living UK Ltd can supply & fit various types of glass balustrading in either the commercial or domestic market.

The glass can be produced in a range of shapes including bends, and can be fitted using stainless steel fixing posts, bolted direct to suitable structure or into channels (exposed or recessed).

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